Pickling Tank Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter in Jamnagar, Gujarat

PLAST WORLD, well-known as the Plast World is a prime manufacturer and exporter of heavy duty polypropylene storage tanks. PLAST WORLD storage tanks fulfil definitive needs of different chemical processors of all over the world of all categories of segments. Our storage tanks are designed on the latest software, imported tank design software and provide ultimate design features, which ensure safe and easy storage and handling of aggressive chemicals like alcohols, acids, alkalis, esters and minerals oils. Our storage tanks withstand with working temperature variation of 0°c to 110°c, it is highly suitable for its application in biohazardous environments.

PLAST WORLD is one of the leading companies of the world to introduce the ultimate manufacturing technique. The storage tanks are manufactured by this technique contains curved corners, which ensure 100% leak-proof longer working life.

Our highly impact resistant storage tanks popularly known as the Plast World thermoplastic storage tanks are proven highly applicable for the handling of the different kinds of chemicals and aggressive fluids for their longer life. Our chemical storage tanks are highly preferred due to its exceptional anti-corrosive characteristics and high tensile strength of 4500 psi and hardness r95. It also contains excellent fatigue resistant. Because, Plast World storage tanks are light in weight, they are too easy to install, move and operate. It is almost maintenance free and equipped with all essential accessories.

We are able to build custom designed storage tanks. Our tanks are available with great range of storage capacities and standard (Square, Rectangular, Cylindrical, Vertical, Horizontal, Conical, and Round) or unconventional shapes. Storage tanks are available in open and closed designs with complete essential polypropylene or required fittings. Our tanks are also provided with required flange connections and nozzles.

PLAST WORLD is tagged as the incredible manufacturer and exporter of the variety of products like Fume Extraction Systems consisting heavy duty Polypropylene Pickling Tanks, Scrubbing Tower and Chimney. PLAST WORLD is the one-stop solution to provide these manufacturing facilities under one roof. Our expert employees seem live-wire man-power are always prepared for new challenges. Our sincere efforts have put us on a global platform to serve worldwide clientele and day by day our list of satisfied clients is rising.

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